Summer 2021 Road Trip!!

Betty Chaffee/ July 2, 2021/ Medication Management/ 4 comments

I did not drop off the face of the earth as some of you might have suspected. My blog has been quiet because of a long-planned road trip from Michigan to Los Angeles and back! We talk a lot about health in these posts, and getting away from it all is a great way to maintain both physical and mental health. (Well, some of the long driving days got old, and I'll admit that the crazy heat wave wasn't pleasant. But overall the time away was refreshing!)

So here's a post that'll give you a break from thinking about health as it relates to medications. Instead, let me "show and tell" you just a little bit about where I've been during most of June.

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch

We started the trek by driving to St Louis, MO. If you've never seen the Gateway Arch, it's quite a landmark. We were there at sunset, which provided some great photos.

Driving from St. Louis to Amarillo, TX, then Flagstaff, AZ and finally Los Angeles, CA also provided some beautiful views.

Just east of Amarillo, TX

Near Flagstaff, AZ




Lake Mead, NV

The real vacation, though, started after unloading and returning he trailer full of household items needed to fill an apartment in the LA area. Now the sightseeing could begin! 



We traveled from California through Utah, visiting several National Parks. If you've never been, Utah is incredibly beautiful. Rocks of so many types, layer upon layer of different colors and consistencies. There are canyons big and small, rocks that evolve into arches as they erode away from the bottom, amazing cliffs of red, white, even odd shades of green.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Hike into Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon hike

View at Canyonlands




Green River in Canyonlands






Bruce and me enjoying the great outdoors







I have lots of stories of car trouble, desert heat, mountain pass snow and more, but I'll spare you those details. Seeing so many states (I think 13 all told) by car was a great opportunity and we were blessed to get all the way home safely. I look forward to getting back to work helping you stay healthy too! 

Please share your favorite travel stories in the comment section below. And as always, contact us at BetterMyMeds for questions about how medications affect your health. We're here to help!



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  1. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos and narrative, Betty. Glad you’re back safe, sound and refreshed!


    1. Diane,

      Yes, it was a great trip. I neglected to mention in the post that we also were able to visit with some friends and family we hadn’t seen in a long time. Or in one case, ever. Those visits are never long enough!

  2. I’ve been wanting to take a drive out west. Thanks for sharing the highlights.

    1. Hey Tony! There’s just so much to see, it’s definitely worth the effort. The USA is so varied from state to state.

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