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Medication Management Services are our Specialty

 We are dedicated to:

  • serving patients in the community by providing education and counseling to maximize the health benefits of medications

  • providing community pharmacies with the tools they need to incorporate medication management into workflow

  • partnering with physicians  to provide Medication Management Services to their patients, improving medication use and its resulting health outcomes.

What are Medication Management Services?

Medication Management Services (MMS) are "a spectrum of patient-centered, pharmacist-provided, collaborative services that focus on medication appropriateness, effectiveness, safety, and adherence with the goal of improving health outcomes." Because pharmacists are medication experts on the healthcare team, MMS can improve therapeutic outcomes and help patients get the most benefit from their medicines by:

  • identifying, preventing, and resolving drug-related problems

  • educating patients about their medicines and how to use them

  • consulting with prescribers when needed to improve medication use


Why are Medication Management Services important?

Pharmacist-provided medication management is an integral part of routine healthcare. Medications are the mainstay of treatment for many common health problems, but people often find that they don't have enough information to get the most benefit from them. Research shows that regular conversations with a pharmacist can help people stay healthier, stay out of the hospital, and spend less overall on their healthcare. BetterMyMeds is dedicated to helping people get the most benefit from their medicines, stay healthier, and save money on healthcare.



BetterMyMeds is a Pharmacy practice that specializes in Medication Management Services.  It is owned and operated by Betty Chaffee, PharmD, of Dexter, Michigan.

Dr. Chaffee obtained her B.S. in Pharmacy in 1981 from the University of Toledo, and her Pharm.D. from the University of Iowa in 1984.  She has been an adjunct faculty member of the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy since 1984, and has practiced in many areas of pharmacy, including general hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, Homecare, and Medication Management.  She has lived in the Dexter and Ann Arbor area since 1987 and is a frequent contributor to the BetterMyMeds Blog.

Betty Chaffee


Alan Tanabe

Alan Tanabe, PharmD

Alan is an innovative pharmacist who has built a successful practice in Medication Management Services with Meijer Pharmacies. He has been a registered pharmacist in the state of Michigan since 1991. His skill in patient care, including teaching and counseling, have helped many of his patients to achieve better health outcomes.


Jensen's Community Pharmacy

Jensen's Community Pharmacy logo

Jensen’s Community Pharmacy has locations in both Saline and Dexter, Michigan, and is locally owned and operated. Our goal is to improve the health outcomes of every patient that comes through our doors. We strive to achieve this goal through our services and programs dedicated to patient-centered care.


Our Family Friend

Our Family Friend Logo

Our Family Friend  is an award-winning, independently-owned private duty companion care company.  We specialize in tailored and personalized care using the best caregivers in the industry. Our caregivers assist the elderly, disabled, and those recovering from illness or surgery with daily living activities, personal care, errands, meal preparation, companionship, and more. We view our role as an extension of the family and are honored to be trusted with this role, whether your loved one needs assistance for just a few hours or round the clock care.   


Comfort Keepers

Comfort keepers logo

Choosing between senior care options for a loved one is never an easy decision. For many seniors, living at home for as long as possible is a priority; however, challenges with mobility and health conditions can make that difficult over time. At Comfort Keepers in Dexter, MI, we provide elder care services that can help your loved one remain safe and independent at home.


Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center

Galaxy logo

The passion and mission at Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center is to bring HOPE and CHANGE for those who have sustained a brain injury. We offer occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech language pathology services, craniosacral therapy, vestibular therapy, mayofascial massage, Bal-A-Vis-X, MNRI, home evaluations, community integration, and social support groups. Our therapy is clinic and community based so that our clients can receive therapy in the setting that best helps each person to achieve his or her maximum functional potential.


Beyond Primary Care

Beyond Primary Care logo

Beyond Primary Care is the only direct care clinic in Washtenaw County that offers a team approach to health that is adaptive, accepting, and attainable to everyone. We help families and employers achieve peace of mind with healthcare expenses through the elimination of the unnecessary overhead in the traditional, insurance-based model of care allowing us to offer minimal office wait time, no surprise costs, and opportunities to build long term and trusting relationships. In short, it is healthcare as it should be.