Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Betty Chaffee/ November 6, 2019/ Health insurance, Medication Management, Medication Therapy Management, prescription drug costs/ 1 comments

  Medicare began offering prescription drug coverage (known as Medicare Part D) in 2006. Until then, people on Medicare had to pay out-of-pocket for all their prescription drugs. Since its beginning Medicare Part D has had favorable ratings, with beneficiaries finding it easy to use and understand, and generally affordable. Of course, the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs is adding a new twist to affordability, and that’s true for both

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Understanding Medicare Health Insurance

Betty Chaffee/ July 31, 2019/ Health insurance/ 3 comments

Signing up for Medicare health insurance can seem complicated. Well, it can BE complicated. If you or someone you know is nearing the magic age of 65, it’s probably time to start thinking about it. Some folks can continue to use their employer-based health insurance after age 65, but most will turn to Medicare. Medicare was the first insurer to stress the importance of Medication Management for certain beneficiaries, and

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