Medication Adherence – How it Affects Your Health

Betty Chaffee/ June 24, 2020/ Medication Management, Medication Therapy Management, Self management, Taking medicine as prescribed/ 2 comments

Have you ever heard of the term “adherence” when it comes to taking medications? Medication adherence means taking medications correctly, the way they were prescribed. Research shows that nearly half of us don’t take our medications as they were prescribed. Sometimes it’s on purpose, sometimes not. But either way, a medication can’t improve health if it’s not taken as prescribed. How does medication adherence affect you? Why is adherence to

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Exercise and Bone Health

Betty Chaffee/ May 27, 2020/ Osteoporosis, Self management/ 0 comments

Bone health is important. Healthy, strong bones allow us to stay active, both physically and socially. We can go about our daily business with little fear of injury. But when bones weaken and become fragile (a health condition called osteoporosis), the risk of fractures increases.  The most common fractures in those with osteoporosis tend to occur in the hips and spine. Hip fractures often require surgery and hospital stays; spine fractures

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Keeping Bones Strong — Focus on Vitamin D Supplements

Betty Chaffee/ May 11, 2020/ Dietary Supplements, Self management/ 2 comments

Vitamin D is one of the most commonly used dietary supplements. But what does it do? And who really needs to take supplements? Let’s talk about how vitamin D works, how much you need to stay healthy, and whether dietary sources can meet your daily needs. Functions of vitamin D The main function of vitamin D is to help the body absorb dietary calcium and to regulate the levels of

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Answers to Common Questions about Calcium Supplements

Betty Chaffee/ April 28, 2020/ Dietary Supplements, Self management/ 4 comments

  One dietary supplement that people frequently use is calcium. Some of the most common questions I’ve had from patients involve calcium supplements. Who should take them? What’s the right dose? And there are some common misunderstandings about how calcium works and how it should be taken. So let’s talk about calcium!  What are calcium supplements good for? Calcium is a major component of bones. Calcium makes bones strong, able

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