Now offering Pharmacogenetic Testing and Counseling!

BetterMyMeds offers Medication Management Services for individual patients, community pharmacies, healthcare providers, and community organizations.

All of our services have the same goal - to help patients get the maximum health benefit from their medications.



If you are one of the many people who take prescription medications to treat health problems, you may find that you often have questions about your medications but you don't know where to get answers. You need personal attention from an expert who can listen and understand your concerns. BetterMyMeds strives to provide that one-on-one interaction for every patient. We offer a variety of patient-centered services to meet the needs of each person we serve. Get more information about how BetterMyMeds can help you!



BetterMyMeds provides services for community organizations, such as senior living complexes, area Senior Centers, and Home Care providers. We know you care about your patrons and want to provide them with the best programming and the best services. From educational presentations and discussions, to health fairs, to one-on-one counseling with patrons, we can help you help those you serve!



Jensen's community Pharmacy

Healthcare providers want their patients to stay as healthy as possible. But it takes extra time to provide in-depth education about medications and treatment plans. You can help your patients get the maximum benefit from their medications by using the expertise of a BetterMyMeds pharmacist. We'll provide education, monitoring, and support for your patients to encourage adherence to the treatment plan.

Community pharmacies try to provide the counseling their patients need to use their medications correctly. That's hard to do when lack of time, efficient procedures, or adequate staff gets in the way. BetterMyMeds can help your pharmacy become a provider of Medication Management or can step in to help you provide it for your patients.