How can BetterMyMeds help my patients?

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) provided by a BetterMyMeds pharmacist will prevent, identify, and resolve medication-related problems such as non-adherence, adverse effects, medication misuse, and drug interactions.  Your patients will become more active participants in their own heath care by learning how to work with you to monitor their response to medications, what questions to ask about new medications, and why taking medications as directed leads to improved health outcomes.  When your patients engage regularly with a pharmacist, they are likely to stay healthier and spend less overall on healthcare.

How can BetterMyMeds help my clinic practice?

Your practice is being held to ever-higher quality standards for the healthcare your practice provides.  Because medications are a mainstay of treatment for a variety of diseases, many quality benchmarks are related to medication use.  Medication management by a BetterMyMeds pharmacist will provide your patients with the support and education they need to achieve better health outcomes from their medication, which in turn will benefit your practice by improving the quality of care it provides.  Improved health outcomes will ultimately result in increased value-based payments for the services you provide.

BetterMyMeds will also decrease the time prescribers need to spend dealing with medication-related problems.  By developing protocols that delegate certain activities or decisions to a pharmacist, medication monitoring and adjustment can be performed without having to schedule frequent follow up visits with a prescriber.  Diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, among others, can be brought under control more quickly when a pharmacist is available to assist with medication and/or dose adjustment.

By working with a BetterMyMeds pharmacist, your clinic will optimize patient care by improving collaboration between pharmacists, physicians and other health care providers; enhancing communication between patients and their health care team; and empowering patients to participate in health care decisions to improve their health care outcomes.

What services does BetterMyMeds provide to help my clinic and its patients?

Upon referral, BetterMyMeds will provide:

  • MTM services, including Comprehensive Medication Reviews, Targeted Medication Reviews, Adherence checkups, and more, to help your patients get the most benefit possible from their medications and help them to spend less overall on their health care.  Patients will receive a complete and up-to-date medication list, as well as a written plan to resolve medication-related problems
  • Post-discharge medication reconciliation services
  • Disease and chronic care management services
  • Medication and dose adjustment by written protocol
  • Immunizations

How are the services of BetterMyMeds reimbursed?

In addition to increased value-based payments and decreased provider time per patient as described above, there are a variety of billing opportunities for medication and disease management provided by pharmacists.  The optimal billing method is likely to vary from one practice to another. Contact Us to learn more!

* MTM services can be provided to patients throughout the United States.
**  Protocol-based services, such as in-clinic services and medication and dose adjustments, can be provided only to patients of Michigan-based prescribers