Pharmacogenetic Testing is now available to Consumers!


Personalized medicine is a relatively new term, but the concept is gaining notice rapidly. Personalized medicine is a way to make sure that healthcare fits each individual's lifestyle, environment, and genetic makeup. Communication between healthcare providers and their patients about lifestyle and environmental factors has been stressed for a long time, but it has only recently become possible to measure the impact of genetics on medication safety and effectiveness.

What is pharmacogenetic testing?

Our genetic makeup impacts nearly every aspect of our lives, including the way we respond to certain medications.   Over the past two decades it has become possible to measure the way drugs are metabolized and transported inside the body of each individual. Pharmacogenetics - the study of how genetics affects a person's response to drugs -- can provide more information than we've ever been able to obtain about what drugs are likely to be safe and effective for each individual. And now pharmacogenetic testing is readily available to consumers! This is personalized medicine at it's best!

BetterMyMeds has teamed up with Rxight, a pharmacogenetic testing service from MDLabs. Rxight is a broad-spectrum gene panel that will provide you with information about the way your body metabolizes and transports a large proportion of the most commonly-prescribed medications.

How it works

  • An order for pharmacogenetic testing must be obtained from your prescriber. A form can be downloaded here, or you can simply ask your doctor to write a prescription for "pharmacogenetic testing".
  • Bring the order to BetterMyMeds. At that time the test kit can be purchased, and you will be given simple instructions to use the cheek swabs. The sample will then be sealed in protective packaging and sent to the lab for assay.
  • Results will be returned to a BetterMyMeds pharmacist certified in pharmacogenetic counseling through Rxight.
  • You will be contacted to arrange an appointment for a Personalized Medication Review with a BetterMyMeds pharmacist . During the review you will be given a copy of the results, and you will learn what the results mean for medications you currently take as well as what they mean for medications you may need in the future.
  • You will be given access to the patient portal at Rxight so that you can review results again at any time, or download another copy of your report if needed.
  • Your prescriber will be provided with a copy of your test results to keep in your medical record.


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