Happiness, Gratitude, and Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a time of year to slow down and think about all the blessings life sends our way. Sometimes it seems like the blessings are overshadowed by hardships or sorrows, and so they can be hard to see. But I believe, at least in my own life, they're always there if I look for them.

This will be the first article I've written devoted just to you, my readers and supporters. No medication-related information here. No new ways to think about health Just gratitude, from me to you.

Many of you have been patients coming to BetterMyMeds for education or advice about medications and health concerns. You've been a joy to work with, and I'm so glad for the training I received as a pharmacist that allows me to be of help. Thank you for your trust, your kind words, and for referring others to me. I look forward to continuing our relationships.

Some of you are friends and supporters, encouraging me in this business endeavor because you see value in it. Thank you. Knowing you're cheering me on means more than you can imagine.

Quite a few have participated in events at libraries, senior centers, support groups, churches, and senior living complexes. When I founded BetterMyMeds, I was reluctant to put myself in front of groups, but you have been wonderful audiences and participants. Many events have had lively and interesting discussions, thanks to all of you. You challenge me, make me think of my feet, and often help other attendees who may be reluctant to ask questions. Each event, whether attended by two people or 40 people, has been fun, and I look forward to seeing you all in 2020!

Some only know of me by reading the articles I write. Thank you for reading. I hope you learn something new each time. And thank you for posting comments on the articles, sharing them with others, and for emailing me directly with questions and comments. I love staying in touch and put a lot of value on our continued communication.

To my colleagues, especially frequent author and contributor to the blog, Alan Tanabe, a huge thanks for your contributions, for your advice, and for all you do for patients and for the profession of pharmacy. BetterMyMeds would not be in existence but for the support of other professionals like you.

And most of all, a huge thank you to my family, especially my husband, Bruce, and my son, Travis, who've been amazingly patient as BetterMyMeds slowly grows. You have helped me in so many ways that I can't even begin to make a list. You, my family, are the most important blessing of all.

I believe that all of these blessings, and others, come from God, and am grateful to Him. Wherever you believe your blessings come from, join me in the happiness that sincere gratitude can bring. Let's all count our blessings, be grateful for them, and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.



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Betty Chaffee, PharmD, is owner and sole proprietor of BetterMyMeds, a Medication Management service devoted to helping people get the maximum benefit from their medications.


  1. Thank you, Betty! I share your sentiments in thanking your readers and supporters, and look forward to continued interactions in the future!

  2. Was so nice to read your message which makes me feel even more warmly towards you.

    I wish you and your family a wonderful time of sharing Thanksgiving Day together. I’m off to be with my family.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving back to you, Gwen!

  3. Very nice to meet you this year Betty. Best wishes for Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

    1. Likewise, Dave. Happy holidays to you and yours!

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