Managing your meds can be easier — your pharmacist is the key!

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Medication Management is the way to get the best value, and the best health outcomes, from your medications. In the first four posts of 2024 we talked about your role in managing your medications. I hope you learned a few new things that might make your life easier, or your health better in coming months and years. But in reality, medication management is a team effort. So this final post in the series will discuss the roles your healthcare professionals play in the process. (With a focus on pharmacists of course!)

Primary care providers

Every timeCartoon image of doctor you see your PCP, you’re asked what meds you take. Your doctor or other provider wants to be sure their list accurately reflects what you’re really doing at home. We talked about some of the pitfalls with that system in the second post of this series. But because most doctors are so busy, they often don’t have time to get into all the questions or concerns you might have about your meds.

Doctors do their best to get a lot done in a short period of time. And if your doctor sees an obvious problem, it will likely be discussed with you. But less obvious problems like some of the things we talked about in previous posts, or questions you’re hesitant to bring up, probably won’t be. So, though your doctor and their staff are doing an important piece of Medication Management, you may need more help than that.

Other providers

Specialist physicians, physical therapist, audiologists, dentists and dental hygienists, nutritionists, and others will ask for your med list, too. They’re also doing that same piece of Medication Management, by attempting to keep an accurate list. They’re on the lookout for things that might affect the problem that brought you in, and that’s important.

The healthcare professional who can tie it all together is the pharmacist

Pharmacists are the medication experts on your healthcare Pharmacist counseling patientteam. We have more training in the use of medications than any of the other professionals you interact with. And we have a keen eye that can spot problems you and your providers may not see.  Unfortunately, most pharmacists in the community are as short on time as your doctor, for reasons I described in a 2021 post. Better My Meds was founded to change all that. We are one of many unique pharmacy practices across the nation dedicated to making sure our patients get the health outcomes they deserve from their medications. Some of these unique practices work within traditional pharmacies where prescriptions are dispensed along with education and support. Others are based within physician practices. Better My Meds is an independent pharmacy practice – instead of filling prescriptions we focus on helping you manage your medications. Let me explain.

First, pharmacists who focus on Medication Management can provide support and advice to help you keep doing the things we talked about in the first four posts this year. It always helps to have someone you can talk to.

We talked a few weeks ago about adherence. You can probably aMan frustrated by so many medsssess your own routine, and find reasons it may be difficult to take meds as prescribed. But as pharmacists, we can often see problems you may not know about. Having trouble affording a med? We may be able to come up with an effective alternative, or find other ways to get the cost lowered. Discharged from the hospital with multiple new medications? We can help you find an efficient routine to keep things as simple as possible.

When it comes to using devices, we’ll spend time helping you hone your technique with inhalers and other devices so that you get the full effect from them. Blood pressure monitoringWhat about that blood pressure or blood sugar you test every day? Sure, you can talk with your doctor about goals and adjustments to medications. But doctors can also share treatment plans with your pharmacist, and give us the okay to help you monitor and adjust your medications. No more of that “clinical inertia” we talked about in our last post.

You may think that you’re stuck with the same medications for your whole life. But pharmacists can see relatively quickly which meds might be unnecessary, or even dangerous, as you get older. Deprescribing is an important part of your healthcare, and we can help you and your doctor get started.

But here’s one of the most important points. Information is key to getting the best health outcomes from your meds. BetterMyMeds offers a variety of medication counseling services to give you individualized help. With BetterMyMeds you get a pharmacist whoConsultation with BetterMyMeds pharmacist can spend time listening to you. Who can answer your questions and even identify problems you didn't know were there. And we can continue to work with you to make sure your med regimen keeps getting better! Meeting regularly with your pharmacist will help you get the best possible value and health outcomes from your medications.

You may find that your prescription insurance will cover the cost of counseling. But even if it doesn't, you'll find that the value of expert medication counseling is more than worth the out-of-pocket cost.

Get help from a medication expert!

If you're taking medications for chronic health concerns, the ongoing support of a team of health care providers is key to getting the best health outcomes. That should always include a pharmacist who has the time to sit down, listen to you and answer your questions. Whether you're in your 30's or 40's and just starting a new medication, or in your 70's or 80's and using several that you've been on for years. The time and expertise of a caring pharmacist can make a big difference in your health. Contact us at BetterMyMeds to arrange your appointment today!

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  1. Great article, Betty! I would like to suggest that you add dental hygienists after dentists in the section on other providers. As part of a patient’s health history, a review of the patient’s medications is one of the tasks of a dental hygienist at every dental hygiene appointment. Dental hygienists take a Pharmacology course in every program in the country.

    Thank you, Betty.

    1. Excellent point, Sue. Done!

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