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Personalized and Expert Health Advice — From Your Pharmacist!

Betty Chaffee/ February 4, 2019/ Medication Management, Self management/ 2 comments

Did you know that pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare providers? Pharmacies are often open six or seven days a week, and most maintain hours that make them available to nearly everyone. Appointments aren’t needed for most services and products provided by pharmacists and their well-trained staff members. Not only that, but of all the professionals on your healthcare team, pharmacists are known as the Medication Experts. Pharmacists graduate with

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New Year – New Goals. Let Your Pharmacist Help You.

Alan Tanabe/ January 8, 2019/ Medication Management, Self management/ 2 comments

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope that the new year has started well for everyone. New Year’s Resolutions With the arrival of a new year comes the age-old practice of making resolutions. “I will lose weight this year.” “I will quit smoking this year.” “I will exercise one hour everyday this year.” “I will get my diabetes/blood pressure/asthma under control this year.” Of course, not everybody makes new year’s resolutions,

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Insomnia – a common problem

Betty Chaffee/ December 11, 2018/ Medication Management, Self management/ 1 comments

  DON’T YOU WISH YOU COULD ALWAYS SLEEP SOUNDLY?  In any position, any place, for as long as you needed, with nothing to bother you? Some of my favorite photos are of my labrador retriever sleeping in odd positions, odd places, and at any time of day (or sometimes, practically ALL day). But too often sleep doesn’t come that easily. And when that happens, we often feel more like this:

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Your medications and World AIDS Day 2018

Alan Tanabe/ November 28, 2018/ Medication Management, Self management/ 1 comments

Saturday December 1, 2018 is the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. The theme for this year is “Know Your Status.” With improved education resources available and the increased access to HIV testing, today 3 in 4 people living with HIV know their status. While this is definitely an improvement, considering that the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are 36.9 million people worldwide living with HIV, this would

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