COVID-19 Vaccination: Are You Eager or Hesitant?

Betty Chaffee/ December 17, 2020/ COVID-19, immunization, vaccines/ 5 comments

A vaccination against COVID-19 has been long-awaited and eagerly anticipated by many, especially medical professionals on the front lines. Now that it's here, though, it's pretty clear that not everyone is eager to get it.

One vaccine (Pfizer/BioNTech's product) obtained emergency use authorization (EUA)  last week. Another (Moderna's product) may obtain EUA yet this week. Shipments of vaccine started arriving in hospitals over the weekend, and frontline healthcare workers are starting to get vaccinated. The hope is to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible, starting with those at high risk of exposure to COVID-19. That means this new vaccine will be immediately and widely used all across the country. Many people find that a victory for science, but others find it worrisome.

What's on your mind?

As I mentioned in my last article "Staying healthy during the next COVID-19 surge," my next full article will be dedicated to COVID-19 vaccinations. But with this brief post I'm asking you, my readers, to tell me what your questions and concerns are. When it comes your turn to get vaccinated are you going be first in line? Or will you run as fast as you can in the other direction? Maybe you're somewhere in between.

Tell me what questions you have about the COVID-19 vaccine(s), what concerns you have, what makes you eager to get it as soon as possible, or what makes you want to stay away. In my next article I'll try to address all the issues raised. My goal is to provide the best information available so you can make a decision about vaccination that's right for you.

Please share your questions and concerns in the comments section below, or contact me directly through this website. Helping you stay as healthy as possible during this pandemic (and always) is the goal of BetterMyMeds!


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  1. I do not plan on getting the shot right away. I will wait and see if there are any side affects. My concerns:
    1) Will we get accurate reports and hear of ALL the side affects and cases that have not had positive results?
    2) I’m concerned if there are any heavy metals used as a preservative in the vaccine.
    3) I had read about the concept of using mRNA and this sounded safe, but is it?
    4) The experts are calling this a vaccine. Does this mean that we get one shot and we’re safe forever, like the shots I received as a child? If not, is it more like a flu shot where we have to get this every year?

  2. Forgot to ask if there is a difference between the Pfizer and Moderna formula?

    1. Really good questions, Tony. And I’m betting that you’re not the only one wondering those things. I’ll be sure to discuss all your questions in my next article. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

  3. HISTORY: I always received the High-Dose Flu shot. Several years ago, my MD only carried the multi-shot vile. My entire arm swelled, becoming red, hot, & painful.
    After several of us reacted, an investigation revealed it was due to a latex allergy (the seal contained latex). We all knew we have an latex allergy.
    The Covid-19 vaccine is in a multi-shot vial. Does the seal contain latex?

    1. A great question Brenda! Thank you for bringing that up. I’ll put it on my list to talk about. Stay tuned!

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