Stay up-to-date on Vaccines during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Betty Chaffee/ June 10, 2020/ COVID-19, vaccines/ 2 comments

Vaccinations are a routine part of preventative healthcare. Vaccinations decrease the chances that we’ll contract infectious diseases, or that we’ll suffer critical illness if we do. We’re all hoping for a safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19, and there are lots of researchers working hard on that. But it’s likely to be quite some time before there’s one available and in widespread distribution. In the meantime, we still have all

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Seven ways your pharmacist can help you through these challenging times

Alan Tanabe/ March 28, 2020/ Coronavirus, COVID-19, Medication Management/ 3 comments

  Note: This article was co-written by Betty Chaffee and Alan Tanabe. Greetings everyone! With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation remaining dynamic and dominating the news, we are all experiencing changes in our daily lives. Some of us have been instructed to work at home. Others may continue to go to work, but may have concerns about exposure to illness.  Classes have been canceled in schools, which may create challenges regarding

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Community Pharmacies and the COVID-19 Crisis

Betty Chaffee/ March 17, 2020/ Coronavirus, COVID-19/ 12 comments

Yep, we’re “socially distancing” ourselves to slow the spread of COVID-19. No trips to the fitness center, no worship services at churches, no school for children, teens, or young adults. Can’t go out for dinner, or enjoy a community event. Many of us are even working from home.  There are plenty of people who are still required to go out in public, though. Grocery stores, some retail stores, hospitals, doctor’s

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