April is National Alcohol Awareness Month!

Betty Chaffee/ April 1, 2019/ Self management/ 1 comments

National Alcohol Awareness Month was established in 1987 by the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence. The goal of Alcohol Awareness Month is to bring problems with alcohol use out into the open, reduce the stigma that so often keeps people from admitting problems and/or seeking help, and help those who need it get into recovery. Because alcohol use disorder and alcohol dependence is estimated to affect one out

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Personalized and Expert Health Advice — From Your Pharmacist!

Betty Chaffee/ February 4, 2019/ Medication Management, Self management/ 2 comments

Did you know that pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare providers? Pharmacies are often open six or seven days a week, and most maintain hours that make them available to nearly everyone. Appointments aren’t needed for most services and products provided by pharmacists and their well-trained staff members. Not only that, but of all the professionals on your healthcare team, pharmacists are known as the Medication Experts. Pharmacists graduate with

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Stopping medications — when is it important to taper?

Betty Chaffee/ January 20, 2019/ Medication Management, Self management/ 0 comments

What medications should be tapered rather than abruptly stopped? This is a common question among people who take prescription medications. And there’s good reason for that. There are many prescription medications that should be tapered to prevent uncomfortable or even life-threatening consequences. There’s a lot of information available to help you decide if you’re at risk of problems from stopping prescription medications abruptly, including this recent article. And be sure

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New Year – New Goals. Let Your Pharmacist Help You.

Alan Tanabe/ January 8, 2019/ Medication Management, Self management/ 2 comments

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope that the new year has started well for everyone. New Year’s Resolutions With the arrival of a new year comes the age-old practice of making resolutions. “I will lose weight this year.” “I will quit smoking this year.” “I will exercise one hour everyday this year.” “I will get my diabetes/blood pressure/asthma under control this year.” Of course, not everybody makes new year’s resolutions,

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