Keeping Bones Strong — Focus on Vitamin D Supplements

Betty Chaffee/ May 11, 2020/ Dietary Supplements, Self management/ 2 comments

Vitamin D is one of the most commonly used dietary supplements. But what does it do? And who really needs to take supplements? Let’s talk about how vitamin D works, how much you need to stay healthy, and whether dietary sources can meet your daily needs. Functions of vitamin D The main function of vitamin D is to help the body absorb dietary calcium and to regulate the levels of

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Answers to Common Questions about Calcium Supplements

Betty Chaffee/ April 28, 2020/ Dietary Supplements, Self management/ 4 comments

  One dietary supplement that people frequently use is calcium. Some of the most common questions I’ve had from patients involve calcium supplements. Who should take them? What’s the right dose? And there are some common misunderstandings about how calcium works and how it should be taken. So let’s talk about calcium!  What are calcium supplements good for? Calcium is a major component of bones. Calcium makes bones strong, able

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Dietary Supplements in the Prevention of Dementia

Betty Chaffee/ November 19, 2019/ Dietary Supplements, Self management/ 4 comments

There are many dietary supplements on the market to prevent dementia and age-related cognitive decline. And it turns out that in the US about one in four adults over 50 takes a supplement to maintain or improve brain health. In 2016 alone, about $3 billion was spent globally on supplements for brain health. But what do we really know about the effectiveness of these products? In a previous post about

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Vitamins for Eye Health

Betty Chaffee/ November 11, 2019/ Dietary Supplements, Self management/ 4 comments

All five of our senses are important to maintaining a good quality of life. But when vision is threatened, our independence and even our whole way of life may be at risk. Many of us want to do what we can to keep our eyes healthy, and a question that commonly comes up is whether it’s useful to take vitamins marketed for eye health. But when you go to your

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